In Thing 1, you will explore why it is important that your leadership qualities are recognised and rewarded in your everyday practice.


In Thing 2, you will explore the difference between leadership and management and reflect on how these are used in your everyday role.


In Thing 3, you are invited to reflect on your leadership and find out about your preferred style of leadership.


In Thing 4, you will assess your own leadership and receive feedback from others about your leadership skills.


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In Thing 6, you will explore what self-leadership means and reflect on your self-leadership capabilities.


In Thing 7 you will: examine what it takes to motivate and inspire others and why this is important for good leadership think about who has inspired and motivated you and what you have done to encourage others to be the best they can be


In Thing 8 you will look at: enabling others to develop and use their leadership capacity what part you play, or could play, in promoting a culture of empowerment what you could do differently – or better – to empower others


In Thing 9 you will explore: what do creativity and innovation look like in leadership practice? what has helped you (or perhaps stopped you) ‘thinking out of the box’ – and supporting others to do the same?


In Thing 10 you will explore: what is the impact of your leadership on others? how can you develop your abilities to take others with you?

Thing 11: The six leadership capabilities

In Thing 11 you will reflect on the learning you have achieved from Thing 4 (Leadership capability feedback tool) and Things 5 to 10 on the six individual leadership capabilities, consider how you integrate the six capabilities in your own leadership, recognising your strengths and areas for development and develop a plan for your continuing leadership development


In Thing 12 you will watch a video and reflect on some of its key messages. This video is also a resource used in Thing 13.

Thing 13: The impact I have on others

In Thing 13 you will watch a video and reflect on your awareness of your impact on others. This video is also a resource used in Thing 12.

Thing 14: Resilience and my self-leadership

In Thing 14 you will read about why resilience is important and reflect on strategies which build resilience at work.

Thing 15: What is supervision and why do we do it?

In Thing 15, you will explore how effective leadership can support you to experience high quality supervision.

Thing 16: What is coaching and how can I use it?

In Thing 16, you will explore how you can use coaching approaches and conversations to help you be more effective in your day to day interactions


In Thing 17, you will explore how you can use an Action Learning approach to support leadership development.

Thing 18: What is appreciative inquiry and how can I use it?

In Thing 18, you will explore how you can use appreciative inquiry (a way of looking at organisational change that focuses on doing more of what is already working).

Thing 19: What is citizen leadership and how can I promote it?

In Thing 19 you will watch a video, reflect on some of the key messages on citizen leadership and apply some of the ideas to your own work.

Thing 20: What does a supportive workplace look like?

In Thing 20 you will explore how your organisation can assist you to develop your leadership capabilities and support your continuous learning.

Thing 21: What does good leadership look like in Scotland’s social services?

In Thing 21 you will explore what contributes to good leadership in Scotland’s social services; what supports it; what hinders it; how developing good leadership can lead to improved outcomes for people and how we can know when we experience good leadership.

Thing 22: Why is leadership important for Scotland’s social services?

In Thing 22 you will explore the rationale for having a leadership strategy for social services in Scotland and consider how this relates to you and your service.


In Thing 23 you will explore how you can use your leadership development to contribute to the achievement of social service qualifications and to evidence your Post Registration Training and Learning (PRTL).